Neuro-Management and Mentoring

Online Training Course

How to see and get the best out of your people, scientifically.

A 12-month online experience:


No quick-fixes. No hit-and runs. 12 months training ensures lasting impact and assimiliation


Utilising our PhD research in neurology, psychology, human behavioural science and sociology

Practical Skills

Practice the theory concepts in your mentoring until we know you've perfected the skills

Support Network

Weekly contact with a dedicated facilitator and collaborative tasks with peers outside of your workplace resulting in a culture of growth and positivity


Mothomone, Pitsi (NDOH Director)

“It helped me dig deep within, identify and develop strengths I was not consciously aware of. One of the major adjustments was to help conduct difficult conversations with colleagues and hold them accountable for their responsibilities…reaching out to them as human beings and not just employees (not having them engage with me by visiting my office only, but me visiting them). This has improved my relationship with colleagues and supervisees, and improved my ability to influence change without having position power.”

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