We get up in the morning for only one purpose, to energize the core of companies for exponential growth. When people don’t trust their co-workers, the company structures, leadership or even themselves within a work context, they slow down. Increase social capital, invest in your greatest asset, develop a culture of trust and expand your perspective on leadership and you will see higher employee satisfaction and engagement, increased talent retention and, ultimately, higher profits.




What a story! In 2007, Dr. Cobus Oosthuizen, so convinced that his team’s research in sustainable transformation through Neuro-Mentoring will lead people to reach their potential, wanted to put it to the test in the most difficult environment thinkable in order to unequivocally say that this is not just a theory, but reality.

“I decided to target gangsters,” he said, “for if we can see real lasting growth in a low-performance person that has given up on life, and has very little motivation to achieve any goals, just think what impact it will have on our economy if we can teach this to managers, supervisors, team leaders and company owners!”

In 2008, he embarked on a journey with three active gangsters, and within a very short time, these gangsters became integrated back into society as working employees, loving husbands and one even became a senior manager of his company!

“If we stop guessing, or falling for beautiful ideas and gimmicks, but use Neuroscience to get the best out of our people so that they don’t feel like a means to an end, there will be more trust, which means more employee engagement, which translates into social capital and increased productivity, leading to higher profits and ultimately a greater economy for us all!” Cobus Oosthuizen says, with a smile, “and there is often little difference between some CEO’s and managers and hardcore gangsters!”

The Team



LifeXchange Solutions consists of a team of highly specialized people.

Dr Oosthuizen loves being involved on the ground facilitating workshops, mentor training, coaching and strategically leading teams.

He is supported by Tamsin Mewes, a specialist in the area of strengths and talent development and passionate about organizational design and development.

Marieta Knight is our very experienced Employee Wellness Practitioner, also with a background in Counselling.

LifeXchange Solutions

Energizing the core of companies for exponential growth.

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