Tjhabelang-Bainsvlei Combined Mentoring Project


We were approached by Tjhabelang Primary School, a beautiful foundation phase school set up through the Clinvet Community Development and Educational Trust (CCDET), targeting the children of parents working on farms in the local area in order to provide quality education and development for them. Inspired by their students’ results and growth by the end of Grade 3, the school became concerned about how these students could continue to receive the needed support to continue the positive development curve in their lives. Most of the students would find themselves continuing their education at Bainsvlei Combined School, living in the boarding house. Stories of substance abuse and other negative social behaviour from many students at this boarding house, led to CCDET asking LifeXchange to get involved through a mentorship programme. By providing students with a positive, caring and stable mentor in their lives, these children from rural communities will be exposed to the many opportunities available to them as they progress through their educational careers and beyond, inspiring them to remain committed to their studies and build confidence in their abilities and dreams for themselves of what they can achieve in the future.

Who? Where? When? 

Mentors from all over Bloemfontein signed up to mentor, and have been matched with mentees from 9 – 15 years old for a 2 year mentoring commitment. The process started in 2016 and is due to reach completion in 2018, thanks to funding provided through CCDET.