Online Mentoring Training Community


From time to time we find individuals contacting us from all over the world, wishing to find out more about our mentor training. Thanks to our world-class, one-of-a-kind online mentor training platform, we can now accommodate these individuals for minimal costs.

These potential mentors sign up for various reasons – they could be involved in community development work and wanting to implement mentoring alongside their efforts, or they could just have a desire to learn and grow as mentors. Bringing these like-minded people together on our online platform makes for a multi-cultural explosion of learning, growth and connection.

Who? Where?

Individuals who want to do our online mentor training are guided by their LifeXchange Facilitator to identify, screen and match themselves with a mentee in their local area, whether that is in Cape Town or anywhere else in the world!

We are always open to grow our mentoring community! Would you like to find out what it takes to be a mentor to someone in your local community? Sign up today!

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