Saldanha Industrial Development Zone


The LifeXchange SIDZ project has been the result of a fruitful working relationship with the Department of Social Development. Our experience in the field of mentoring has been called in to assist social workers from DSD with student retention in a project ran by the Saldana Industrial Development Zone. Through an evidence-based mentoring approach, social workers are stretched out of their comfort zone to use mentoring processes to enhance their methods of providing support and guidance to help build the character and competence of younger person. It is through our approach that students in this process will be able to build inner resilience and complete the programme.

Who are the mentees?

The mentees are students being prepared for the oil industry, having come out of the surrounding community and lacking the adequate education to empower themselves socially.

Who are the mentors?

Social workers from the Department of Social Development have been trained as mentors. They are thus enabled to broaden their scope of expertise and solicit a more effective approach to social intervention.

What is the nature of the mentoring sessions?

Under their own initiative, mentors and mentees will meet face-to-face for 80 sessions. Each contact session is at least one hour and occurs once a week. The duration of the mentoring relationships should last between 18-24 months. In addition, LifeXchange provides ongoing support throughout the mentoring journey for both parties involved.

Benefits for Mentees

The project will build resilience in the students, increase their educational competence, social skills, life skills and general self-efficacy in order to complete the programme.

Benefits for Mentors

The project will provide social workers with the satisfaction of making a significant impact by going outside the call of duty. It will enhance their social work by enabling them to experience personal growth through becoming a role model to their mentee and strengthening their own resilience.