I-Tech Mentoring Programme


In order to develop the effectiveness of their leaders and managers, The National Department of Health (NDOH), in partnership with I-TECH, are introducing a new online learning platform for Continuing Professional Develoment purposes (CPD).

Our mission is to raise efficacy, and strengthen and build resilience in NDOH employees. As a result, NDOH will reap the benefits of staff that are more productive, effective and motivated, which in turn will lead to a higher retention rate.

Who are the mentees?

The mentees are senior management staff within Central and District Hospital teams.

Who are the mentors?

The mentors are individuals mostly in the Healthcare Sector (Private and Government), who are experienced in leading and managing at Senior level.

What is the nature of the mentoring sessions?

The project is run within NDOH, and mentors and mentees will make contact mostly via telephone and/or Skype for an hour once every 2 weeks. This is because of the vast physical distance between mentors.

Benefits for Mentees

The mentees will receive guidance and encouragement from their mentors which as a result will assist them in their development. The project will also build resilience within NDOH employees in many areas of their lives, including educational competence, social skills, responsibility and general support. This in turn will translate into more effective employees for the NDOH.

Benefits for Mentors

All NDOH mentors are volunteers. Even though the mentors selflessly engage in the process, having no reward in mind, experience has shown that the mentors themselves become better managers, experience improved soft skills and increased general knowledge about people. Feedback has also shown that the knowledge LifeXchange imparted in their lives within the process had a deep impact on them not only at work, but also at home, in communities, and especially in their personal lives.

By volunteering in this project, the mentors will gain exposure to different cultural and working environments and receive Africa’s highest quality Mentor Training and support from LifeXchange.