Photo for Life


The departure point of LifeXchange is that all people have potential. Our mission remains the development of a person through the unique approach of mentoring. The specific mission of Masi Photo for Life project would be to join a competent mentor with a grade 11 student from Masiphumelele High School that will commit towards the mentee for their personal development and growth and also see out the remainder of the students schooling career.

Who are the mentees?

The mentees will be Grade 11 students from the Masiphumelele High School. At this stage we are aiming to run the project with at least 20 Students.

Who are the mentors?

The Mentors will be volunteers in the South Peninsula valley. They will go through the normal recruiting, training and screening process to make sure our mentors are emotionally stable and ready to make a commitment towards his or her mentee for 18-24 months.

What is the nature of the mentoring sessions?

What makes this project exciting is that the connection point is photography. Together, the Mentor and Mentee will attend 20 training sessions to learn the basics of photography. After the weekly session they will set out together to apply what they just learned, providing them with a platform to start building a relationship with the other person. Throughout the 18 – 24 month journey, the mentors will be capturing the life and culture of their mentees within Masipumelele through the lens of a camera, and also introduce the mentee to a world outside their current reality. This will lead onto conversations and questions bringing the two worlds together and bridging the cultural gap.

Benefits for Mentees

The mentee will be brought into contact with a mentor that possibly posses different skills, talents and mindsets than the parents. Just that connection could already open a world of opportunities for the mentee to develop a different view of themselves and the possibilities out there . Also the mentee will be given the opportunity to learn the skill of photography and possibly develop a love for the vocation. The photography component will also give the mentee regular opportunities to leave the settlement of Masiphumelele and discover more of the surrounding area and how other cultures function.

Benefits for Mentors

Although mentoring isn’t easy most of the time it remains a privilege to impart something of yourself into another human being and see the difference it makes in their lives. We often feel more blessed to see others succeed. Apart from this you as a mentor will also grow and develop areas in your life through the mentoring proses and training the LifeXchange provides.