Akademia is part of the Solidarity movement and is the frontrunners in South Africa when it comes to a high-tech approach to tertiary education. Akademia has a holistic view of human development and is currently in the process of incorporating the first mentoring initiative in their developmental model for students! Our mission is to raise both the efficacy and resilience levels of these students in order to successfully complete their studies and excel in life!

Who are the Mentees

The mentees consist of students enrolled at Akademia in the Pretoria district.

Who are the Mentors?

The mentors are volunteers from the Pretoria district who believe in the significant cause of mentoring.

What is the nature of the mentoring sessions?

Under their own direction, mentors and mentees will meet face-to-face for 40 sessions. Each contact session is at least one hour and occurs at least once a week. The duration of the mentoring relationships should last for 12 months, overlapping with the final exams and enrolment for the new year. LifeXchange provides ongoing support throughout the entire mentoring journey to the Akademia Process Co-ordinators who run the project on ground.

Benefits for Mentees

The project will build the resilience, educational competence, social skills and life skills of mentees, as well as offer general support geared to bring about the sustainable, transformational growth of a purposeful life.

Benefits for Mentors

The project will provide volunteers with the satisfaction of making a significant impact on students lives. Mentors may also experience personal growth in their own lives through becoming a role model and strengthening their own resilience!