Using the Latest Brain Science to Boost Your Business

The brain science behind success:
Here’s how NeuroManagement leverages neuroscience for business growth

The latest neuroscience, PhD-level research into how the brain works and over a decade of scientific studies done on real people right here in South Africa. NeuroManagement unlocks everything we know about the human brain. How to positively engage, motivate and change people’s thinking and behaviour for growing your business exponentially.


Closely related to NeuroEconomics, NeuroMarketing and Neuro-Industrial-Engineering, NeuroManagement has its roots in 2002 when a psychologist shocked the world by winning the Nobel Prize for economics.

Dr Daniel Kahneman, a psychologist at Princeton University showed through that the brain was behind some of the most unexplained behaviours and occurrences in economics and finance, proving that we can use the brain to better understand other fields of study and industry. NeuroManagement – sometimes also referred to as Neuro Leadership or Neuro Coaching – uses knowledge of the brain to engage people and teams in organisations and businesses.


We can use NeuroManagement to solve one of the oldest problems every business faces: How do you maximise your people’s productivity?

Traditionally, if you want to change or achieve anything inside a business, you create and manage systems. Policies, procedures, disciplinaries and incentives. Ensure productivity by setting working hours (8–5) for example, and then use fear to reinforce it (written warnings, disciplinaries). But studies show that longer working hours don’t meaningfully impact productivity. Even incentivising higher performance doesn’t show sustainable growth in productivity.


But NeuroManagement has shown that by fully understanding how the brain functions, you can unlock people’s passion. To the extent where you don’t need to tell them to be in at 8 anymore, because they’re already working at 6.

By using the latest insights and techniques, you can energise employees by making them feel and understand their purpose and place within the business, teach personal mastery, instill positive leadership and boost productivity by investing in social capital (your people). That’s what NeuroManagement is all about.

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And LifeXchange Solutions takes it even one step further.


LifeXchange Solutions’ Dr Cobus Oosthuizen (PhD in Mentoring & Human Development) has worked over 13 years to develop a NeuroManagement method that’s specifically suited to businesses in South Africa and the wider world.

“Most neuroscience studies were traditionally performed on well-adjusted and functional people,” Dr Oosthuizen explains. “But we’re not always dealing with straight-A students, so I asked how the brain works at different levels in our society.”

So Dr Oosthuizen embarked on over a decades’ worth of research in one of the toughest behavioural-science training grounds: Working with gangsters and the homeless in Cape Town’s notorious Cape Flats.

“This gave us remarkable insights into how people think and behave at every level in society. And it enables us to apply the principles of NeuroManagement in virtually any kind of business, corporate and organisation to enable real change and growth.”



LifeXchange Solutions has proven that it’s possible to energise and activate the people within a business to create real change and exponential growth. Engage your employees and instill personal mastery with our NeuroManagement Workshops.

Unlock their true potential with a Strengths-Based Development programme, engage the power of a mentorship culture in your organisation with Neuro-Mentoring Training and create a formidable leadership team with Agile Excellence Management Training.

And get the ultimate NeuroManagement benefits for your business by rolling all of these solutions into one with LifeXchange Solutions’ full-service Organisational Development.


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For insights into LifeXchange’s continuing social development work, individual, life skills and mentoring coaching work (still with gangsters and the homeless) and how to apply neuroscience in your personal life, see the non-profit work we do at LifeXchange Community.