Why Mentoring?

Motivate, encourage, advise, coach, listen, tutor, guide.

“A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future and believe it can be obtained.” – Shawn Hitchcock


There are many programmes out there with a ‘this-is-how-you-change’ approach that offer their own version of the truth. “Follow this long list of instructions”, they say, “and you will be allowed to join us.”

Mentoring flips this around.

We know that people operate on a belief level. Unless things shift on the inside, change on the outside will not be sustainable. Research has proven that short-term mentoring programmes often leave people worse off than when they started. But with effective, responsible and long-term mentoring, it becomes a different story entirely.

With us at LifeXchange, you have a chance to go on an intensive one-on-one journey with someone. You get to see where they are at, help them imagine where they could be and then go on a journey together to get there. Thus the heart of mentoring is a relationship between mentor and mentee, in which the mentor regularly invests his/her time, care, encouragement and guidance in developing the mentee’s character and competence. This relationship serves as the incubator for confronting negative ‘truths’ the mentee holds about the world and life. It then becomes a platform for planting positive truths about their identity and potential for a life in abundance.

Much research is being done into why and how quality mentoring works, but there is still a lot of mystery to it. All we know for now is that this committed (an hour a week), long-term (minimum 12 months), caring relationship brings real and lasting change in people’s lives. This doesn’t just hold true for the mentee, their direct family and future generations, but mentors also report amazing growth in their own personal journeys.

So wherever social intervention is necessary: be it with the homeless person on the street, the lazy youth with no role in the greater community or even the money-hungry CEO of a mega-corporation, the message we bring through our mentoring is the same: Join us and you will change!


If you want to be significant, leave a lasting legacy or just learn about love, sign up and mentor someone today!