Mentoring Myths

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The idea of mentoring can typically seem daunting at first, making you question your capacity to be the voice of reason in your own life, let alone someone else’s. Read on as we address some common misconceptions about the mentoring journey.

Myth #1 – I don’t know HOW to mentor

Mentoring is not counselling, life coaching or fixing a person. All that is required of a mentor is to be in someone’s corner. The mentee is doing all the work, fighting for their lives, and the mentor is just there in the background giving encouragement, instructions and guidance that they have picked up along the way in their own battles.

If you are alive and you are open to learn, you can mentor. That’s all we’re looking for at LifeXchange. Of course, we also provide you with 12 full months’ worth of mentor training and ongoing support if you mentor with us. That’s more than enough to help you on the journey to become the best mentor there is on the planet!

Myth #2 – I don’t have the TIME to mentor

Yes, ultimately mentors are giving a significant investment of their time to a young person.  One of the first things LifeXchange looks at in its screening process is whether a potential mentor already has too many weekly commitments with work, family, and church etc.  Essentially, mentoring is the gift of time. As a mentor you share this freely, regularly and over an extended period of time as a meaningful sacrifice that leads to great influence and sustainable change in a mentee’s life.

To get right to it though, if one can be wise in how you manage your weekly schedule, mentoring does not need to take up any extra time at all. In its simplest form, mentoring is just involving someone else in your life. So when you have to go to a meeting, do some work in your house or garden, or even sort out your taxes- simply include your mentee in that activity and you will still be a great mentor!

Myth #3 – I think I need my OWN mentor first

One of the greatest characteristics a mentor can have is humility. Thinking you have all the answers is the quickest way to frustration and failure. Conversely, being vulnerable and open to learn leaves you in the healthy position of allowing a safe space for a mentee to discover the answers for themselves. Besides, if you really want to learn something, you should try teaching it!

Our mentors continue to report their surprise in the amount of learning and growth they have experienced in themselves during the mentor journey.  It is no happy accident. Being the game changing element in someone else’s life that helps (or even causes) them to change, is fiercely significant. There is no substitute for that kind of quality investment. We hope you not only realize how much you have to offer, but also how much you have to gain in signing up.


If you want to be significant, leave a lasting legacy or just learn about love, sign up and mentor someone today!


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