What does success look like?

If we say we can help bringing about change, we can prove it!

LifeXchange holds that “success” is often a very non-descriptive, subjective and counter intuitive concept, especially when related to any form of development. For one company to make a large profit means success. For another to just break even after a tough economic year is being successful, and yet for another to not make as big a loss as the previous year is successful! In all three examples, should you ask the company owners if they were successful, all of them would say yes!

Human development is even more complex.

For one to just pass an exam is success and for the other, only a distinction would equate to success. Some would say that to lose weight and have the toned body they always wanted is success and yet another would suggest that the biggest success they have ever experienced was to love themselves and be happy in spite of being overweight and imperfect. The word success is just not helpful at all!

However, words such as growth and change seem much more helpful. In the example of the companies above, it seems far more descriptive to talk about the growth of the companies and if there were any change. Growth and change can be measured. It is far more helpful to ask the question: “Have you seen any growth in a person’s life as a result of mentoring?” or “Has your mentoring programme brought about any change in the community?”

In order to answer such questions, all LifeXchange mentoring and Change Management processes are not only aimed at growing individuals, communities, teams and companies, but have a very scientific approach to measure growth and change. If we say we can help bringing about change, we can prove it!


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