Mentee Preparation

“Begin with the End in Mind.” – Steven Covey

LifeXchange strives to go beyond expectation, which is why supporting our mentees and preparing them for the journey ahead is just as important as our mentor training.

Though our approach to mentoring has shifted over the years to focus more on the mentor, we still take investing in our mentees very seriously. Due to the intensity and duration of our mentoring process, we make sure that our mentees are informed and supported. Thus, before any young person is matched with a mentor, they are required to attend a Mentee Preparation Workshop.

As well as being  fun and interactive, the workshop is used as an introduction to the mentoring journey. In it, mentees are instructed on how to understand their dormant potential, change their thinking patterns and, consequently, redirect their actions. By understanding their role as mentee, they are taught how to get unstuck in life and interact with a mentor who will help facilitate this process!