Meet The Support Team

Dr. Cobus Oosthuizen (PhD)

“On paper, my role is that of ‘Executive Director’ but (since I am a firm believer in leading without stripes) I see myself as the Team Leader of LifeXchange. What a pleasure it is to lead a team of revolutionaries and game changers! I am the link between our super-board of directors and super-team on the ground, overseeing all projects and operations, inspiring, influencing and seeing magic happen…what a fantastic job to have. I love what LifeXchange is all about and I am sold on mentoring as a means for sustainable transformation. Besides LifeXchange, I also enjoy surfing, scuba diving and spending time with my daughter.





Mastoera Esterhuizen

“I joined the Lifexchange team in March 2018 and come with a wealth of experience as an intrepid business woman and entrepreneur. I am passionate about life and am a true people’s person. Nothing makes me happier than pairing mentors and mentees and seeing the positive impact this partnership can have on the life of an individual. I love a challenge, and this quote from my favorite author, Maya Angelou, informs much of my approach to life: ”I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way (s)he handles three things: a rainy day, lost luggage and Christmas tree lights.”






Tamsin Oosthuizen

“I joined LifeXchange in 2013 with a strong desire to discover an effective one-on-one discipleship method for myself. I came from a teaching and youth development background, where I had many questions about the effectiveness of group life skills programmes and other interventions that didn’t seem to produce lasting change in the beneficiaries that so many desired. I found the answers I was seeking, as well as many more questions, as soon as I started mentoring two young adults through LifeXchange’s mentoring process. Years later, I am still on a journey with my two mentees, but have experienced a massive journey of growth myself alongside the LifeXchange administrative office team. I have become passionate about the Holacracy management system that LifeXchange operates on, and the freedom, responsibility and maturity that it allows the whole team to experience as they aim to achieve our purpose of developing fulfilling lives through meaningful relationships.


Corne Krogscheepers

“My family and I relocated from Durban to Cape Town in order to help other people, we soon realized we can’t really help other people. But what we learned through LifeXchange’s Mentoring training is that we can change ourselves and move out of our comfort zones (If we want to). I joined LifeXchange on a part-time basis to serve as a project coordinator for a Staff Mentoring programme. I am passionate about mentoring and community development. When not at the office, you’ll either find me spending quality time with my family, mentoring or playing tennis. My philosophy of life has changed since I got involved with LifeXchange. Life became more beautiful!”





Anita Jager

“After a few years of mentoring young women in a disadvantaged community in Cape Town, my husband and I got involved with LifeXchange and started the Online Mentoring Training. I fell in love with their approach and teachings immediately! It has brought so much value to my mentoring relationships and to myself personally. Behind the scenes I’m posting lots of pics and stories on Social Media to spread the word about LifeXchange. I love people, different cultures, facilitating personal growth in myself and others, art and I’m always in for outdoor adventures.






Cecile Krogscheepers

“I joined LifeXchange in 2015 as I was curious to see if I could be a mentor and if mentoring worked. Well, the good news is that it is three years later and I am still mentoring. I enjoyed it so much that I got involved behind the scenes as a Project Coordinator. If I can choose a few words to describe myself at the moment it would be: Searcher of Life in Abundance. This search is what drives me forward. Finding it is my life’s goal.






Rika Mostert

“We live in the Kalahari and I was introduced to LifeXchange at a workshop hosted by the company. I knew immediately that this was my ‘lost shoe’ … I had a purpose, a dream to help equip young woman to live by design; I just didn’t know how, and then suddenly the shoe fit! I found my “How” and “Why” during my online mentoring course with LifeXchange. I also signed up to become a facilitator. I experienced incredible growth on my journey with LifeXchange. One can grow in secret, but the fruit are for the enjoyment of all. I love writing, reading and learning, so it was natural for me to volunteer for the role of Newsletter Publisher. It is one way I can share my ‘fruit’. I wanted to become more involved and this was a way I could contribute despite my location.




Paul Jager

“My family and I moved from the Netherlands to South Africa with the dream of investing in people’s lives by building mentoring relationships. After a few years of walking a journey with men from a disadvantaged community in Cape Town, I joined LifeXchange in 2016, because LifeXchange is all about Mentoring relationships! The Online Mentoring Training has helped me to live out my dream in an even better way and has given me lots of insight and tools to empower others to move forward in life. Next to mentoring men, I make sure this website is up-to-date with the relevant and fun information of what LifeXchange is about.