Meet The Support Team

Cobus EditDr. Cobus Oosthuizen (PhD)

“On paper, my role is that of ‘Executive Director’ but (since I am a firm believer in leading without stripes) I see myself as the Team Leader of LifeXchange. What a pleasure it is to lead a team of revolutionaries and game changers! I am the link between our super-board of directors and super-team on the ground, overseeing all projects and operations, inspiring, influencing and seeing magic happen…what a fantastic job to have. I love what LifeXchange is all about and I am sold on mentoring as a means for sustainable transformation. Besides LifeXchange, I also enjoy surfing, scuba diving and spending time with my daughter.”



 Tammy Edit 2Tamsin Mewes

“As the Executive Process Coordinator, I am the one looking after the mentors in our Cape Town projects. From the very first meeting through to the final evaluation and feedback after a successful mentoring cycle, I am privileged to follow the many ups and downs of each unique mentoring journey. I also oversee other Process Coordinators in other projects as well as assist with the development of LifeXchange’s mentoring curriculum. Although passionate about what I do at LifeXchange, you can also find me at the beach, enjoying a surf, or watching the rugby at a braai!”




 Corne Edit 2Corne Krogscheepers

“My family and I relocated from Durban to Cape Town in order to fulfill our dream of becoming missionaries. I joined LifeXchange on a part-time basis to serve as the project co-ordinator for the GrainCo Staff Mentoring Programme. I am passionate about mentoring and community development. When not at the office, you’ll either find me spending quality time with my family, mentoring or playing tennis.”





Cecile Edit 2Cecile Krogscheepers

“I loved hearing the stories of transformation upon first meeting the LifeXchange team, so I decided to join as a mentor. It has been an amazing journey of self-discovery and getting to know my mentee. I recently got involved in some of the “behind the scenes” work at LifeXchange as a Process Coordinator for one of the projects. I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and being outdoors.”






Alison EditAlison Ludick

“I see myself as a life coach, a change agent and a cross cultural facilitator with a bent for detail oriented work. I’m serving the LifeXchange team on a contractual basis to get their mentoring curriculum online and translated into Afrikaans. My favourite things include travel, red wine and photography. 






Marieta Knight

“I am a qualified Social Worker currently working part-time as a Process Coordinator on the Akademia University Mentoring Project as well as taking responsibility to recruit mentors for other projects. I am passionate about influencing people, instilling hope and empowering individuals. I have a strong belief that every human being is fearfully and wonderfully made and my dream is for every person to have a revelation of their own uniqueness and individuality. In addition to my work at LifeXchange, I also offer counselling services to individuals and couples in my own Private Practice as well as serving on the National Adoption Coalition South Africa (NACSA) Steering Committee.