Our Board Members

Alan Hardaker

“With 21 years experience in the financial services sector, I am now a financial planner with a growing private practice. I have personally benefited from being mentored and attribute a large component of the success I have enjoyed to it. I believe that it is time to give back and experience the growth one gets from being a mentor with organizations such as LifeXchange”.







Carien Cloete

“With an extensive background in Human Resources, I am passionate about growth, change and the possibilities in any individuals life. The LifeXchange program has personally changed me and my way of thinking, grounding my belief that everyone has the potential to be great. My vision for the company is to grow in strength, year on year, so as to become a powerful tool for everyone who has the opportunity to take part.”






Martin Barnard

“Grounded in Narrative Therapy, I am committed to building strong relationships, positive attitudes and life skills to inspire positive change. I strive to empower and transform individuals and companies to reach their full potential. Effectiveness, improvement and development are motivating factors that inspire us. In the words of Cameron and Green: “Individual change is at the heart of everything that is achieved in organizations. Once individuals have the motivation to do something different, the whole world can begin to change”.