Podcast: Episode 2 – Charity there is a better way

In this 20min episode we are deconstructing intervention and looking at the four levels of interventions. Be prepared to be stretched!! Listen to this amazing podcast here! Also, Dr. Oosthuizen refers to a a video… Read More

Charity – there is a better way! Vol. 2

When NOT to give If you walked past a dog, barely moving, so skinny you could count every rib,  its fur falling out… or even worse, replace the dog with a six year old child…… Read More

Podcast: Episode 1 – Charity, there is a better way.

I am interviewing the man behind the blog that got a few people upset! Listen to this interview that forms the first podcast that sets the stage for 5 more to follow! A big thank… Read More

Charity – there is a better way! Vol1

“A charity is a black hole into which money disappears,” were the words of one of SA’s top 10 nominated CEO’s. What some might suggest is a harsh comment, I believe is not harsh enough! Some… Read More



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