Going National with NDOH

LifeXchange is continuing to grow and expand into the Corporate Arena. We are now involved in a Pilot Project with the National Department of Health (NDOH), who in partnership with I-TECH, are introducing a new online learning platform for Continuing Professional Development purposes. This is to develop the effectiveness of leaders and managers specifically in the NDOH.

"We also know how to tap into that potential..."

“We  know how to tap into that potential…”

Our site visit to one of the main academic hospitals was an education to say the least. This once fantastic institution has sadly been reduced to a shadow of its former self. Antiquated lifts, dreary corridors with missing flooring, broken curtain rails and missing curtains and a car park that looks like a warzone. The head of the hospital and his staff sit in their offices which are behind locked gates. And the list goes on…

Now, whilst you may be feeling rather morbid after reading the above, FEAR NOT, for LifeXchange is here to save the day! We see the potential and have the know-how, support systems, and facts from our research-based results to know that mentoring works. We also know how to tap into that potential and obtain the best from the people we work with.

We have conducted the first set of Group Coaching Sessions in Tshwane with both the Central and District Management teams and already there have been changes! We have received fantastic feedback from the participants:

“The Tshwane group felt invigorated and motivated after the sessions. The District experienced many changes and challenges during the past two weeks, but I kept on hearing Cobus talking and coaching on different concepts to survive and how to maintain your goals. Some of his “self-talk” examples were very helpful and I am making use of them.”

 “He was an excellent facilitator and I found the sessions and material very relevant.”

  “We are looking forward to the next courses.”

“Thanks so much. I fully support the sentiments expressed by Dr ….. This has been my own experience as well in spite of the many years of experience that I have at senior management level and having been in charge of large organisations, I found the sessions invaluable.”

 “I truly believe that all managers should be exposed to such sessions.”

"...already we have seen changes!"

“…already we have seen changes!”

This Project is a unique opportunity for individuals with experience in Leading and Managing at Senior Level in the Healthcare Sector to engage with a protégé to provide guidance, instruction and encouragement in order to assist their development. And we have absolutely fantastic mentors who can’t wait to start their journey with their mentees.

In return, the mentor gains exposure to different cultural and working environments, experiences great satisfaction and purpose in their own working context and receives Africa’s highest quality Mentor Training and support from LifeXchange during this process.

So watch this space!

by Nikki Thoresen



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