Surfboards and Surfing Board Members

Winters here are brutal enough without us trying to be all revolutionary. But, since that happens to be exactly what we aspire to, our team went for a surf anyway! After horsing around in the lockers at the Lifestyle Surfshop in Muizenberg, our team suited up, did some warm ups and got all their nerves together to face the winter brawl outside.


 Cobus led Lumko, Reone and Donfrey onto the beach for a couple of exercises while Corne, Taariq and I hung back to take photo’s…because we’re sane.


Donfrey (abovemiddle), our recently engaged and freshly appointed Marketing Director,  led the charge into the waves. They had an awesome time!


Seeing first-hand how involved and excited Donfrey is about what he does is incredibly inspiring. In his capacity as Board Member and mentor alike, he brings a dynamic energy to the table that pries on possibilities. It’s really infective, so watch out! It’s thus with a heart full of gratitude and enthusiasm that we welcome you to LifeXchange, Donfrey, and congratulate you on your engagement!

by Esther Hamman

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