Long Road to Change

Many of you may know that for Ricardo Monk, it’s so far been a long five year journey to reach the singular goal of getting his Driver’s License. Well, we’re glad to announce that after nine attempts, Ricardo now legally holds the piece of paper that qualifies him to drive!

Throughout the years there have been many smaller steps making up his climb. Learning to read, building up the confidence, attempting his learners test many times, finding the real motivation behind why he wanted it, getting a job to pay for lessons, building up the resilience to keep booking the next test after each failure…

If I’m honest, there was a point when I started to lose faith in this moment ever happening (and Monk, I you’re reading this, I’m sorry but it’s true!). There was, however, something that we couldn’t exactly put our finger on: a lack of self-belief, or efficacy, in the way Ricardo was going about his driving and the process in general. But then, literally at the eleventh hour (the day before his learner’s license expired), Ricardo surprised us by calling to say he’d booked his own test and even arranged his own lessons with his instructor. Our response between our team after his call was simply, “Yes, Ricardo! Now you’re ready to succeed! Why didn’t you do this six months ago??!”

But how often do we say that to ourselves? If only I did this last week, last month…last year even?

I guess that’s the twisting and turning long-term process of change. When the time is right, things shift suddenly. Until then, it’s the tiny moments and thoughts that build up to changing the beliefs inside  us. They are too small to see or add up, and most times we don’t even recognize when they occur! In the end, all we know is that change has occurred and life will never be the same again.

At LifeXchange we recognise that change takes time, and our mentors are committed to walking the meandering journey of sustainable change with someone for eighteen months; not always seeing it, but keeping the faith that change is happening- one tiny thought at a time…

by Tammy Mewes

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