Redefining Things



So, you and your mentee are reaching your last session together, as per your agreement way back at your initiation. You’ve reached a milestone, you should celebrate! Especially, as a mentor that has stuck through their full commitment.

It’s a nice idea to have a celebratory last session together as mentor and mentee, you could revisit places or discussions that were highlights of your time together. Or you could go out with a bang and do something completely new and fun together! Whatever works for you and your mentee, but it would be great to give this last session some extra meaning that would mark the end of your commitment to each other.

When it comes to talking, why not think back to your first meeting and share with each other what your first impressions and thoughts were of each other at that time in comparison to where you are now? And share more about your highlights and what you’ve learned from each other over this journey.

Then, as high-performance people, you will also want to look into a future a little. Share with each other what the next chapter in both of your lives looks like.


Most importantly, you need to communicate with each other how you will stay in touch in the future. Make sure that you are both on the same page when it comes to how often and when you will meet again. Maybe you’ve decided this was a great season but you are going to move on to other things. Make sure your mentee knows this. Or maybe you and your mentee feel like you are just getting started, and now you’ve got some real goals on the table that you both want to work towards together. If you agree to continue meeting, make sure that you set another timeframe for your meetings (e.g. three months, six months, a year…) so that you can once again get to a point in the future where you might want to redefine things again.



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